Our Starlight dance floor is the perfect addition to any event.  A pure gloss white dance floor that looks beautiful when laid and in place, but adds that extra special sparkle, elegance and "WOW!" factor when hundreds of awe inspiring twinkly and sparkly white LEDs illuminate from within the floor below.  Whether you require the white LED lights to remain static, or flash and twinkle, the dance floor lighting can be fully controlled to change the intensity and flash speed, as well as even make the floor sparkle to the tempo of your first dance. In the flesh, in photos, and in videos, these dance floors look truly magical!  Whether you require a small, or large floor, square or rectangular, our team will deliver on time and professionally install, creating a fantastic focal and talking point at your event.

Dance floor size chart:

12ft x 12ft - Suitable for upto 35-45 dancers
14ft x 14ft - Suitable for upto 45-55 dancers
16ft x 16ft - Suitable for upto 60-70 dancers
18ft x 18ft - Suitable for upto 75-90 dancers
   20ft x 20ft - Suitable for upto 95-110 dancers
     22ft x 22ft - Suitable for upto 115-135 dancers
     24ft x 24ft - Suitable for upto 140-160 dancers
     26ft x 26ft - Suitable for upto 165-190 dancers

     28ft x 28ft - Suitable for upto 195-220 dancers
     30ft x 30ft - Suitable for upto 225-250 dancers

* Please note the above sizes are based upon the dancing area of the floors themselves and do not allow for the additional sloped edging that is applied around the lip of each edge to allow for safe ease of entry and exit.

Our Starlight  White Dance Floors are perfect for…

Weddings & Civil Partnerships
Corporate Events
Black Tie Events
School & University Proms & Leavers Events
Themed Parties
Product Launches
Birthday Celebrations
Marquee events
Christmas & New Year Events